Sampled By Who?? Bernard Purdie & The Prodigy

Part One of a new little section I’ll be adding to over the coming weeks and months.

I had a request for this one but I’ve already found a few different ones this week, so expect to see a few going up next week.

This little Gem was originally by Bernard Purdie on his 1972 LP ‘Soul Is… Pretty Purdie’, and he is allegedly the worlds most sampled drummer! Anyway here’s his version:

Bernard Purdie – Good Livin’ (Good Lovin’)

Step up Liam Howlett of the Prodigy to take the main hook of the track and beef it up a fair bit and add a dash of Jazz Flute. Which came out as ‘The Narcotics Suite: 3 Kilo’s’ On the Music From the Jilted Generation

The Prodigy – 3 Kilos

And finally back at the end of 2008 this appeared, which takes the hook of the original again but in a slightly more laid back fashion. Tame One from the Weathermen outta NYC collaborates with Ice Cubes cousin Del on this one.

Tame One – Catch Me ft. Del The Funky Homosapien