Sampled By Who?? Isaac Hayes vs Smif n Wessun

Most of you will probably remember this tune from the Austin Powers soundtrack where Burt Bacharach plays it on a piano mounted on some kind of horse drawn get-up, and thats very fitting as Bacharach originally penned the music. Some guy called Hal David wrote the lyrics sometime after and they stuck like glue. Originally recorded by Dusty Springfield for the Casino Royale soundtrack in 1967, this song has since been covered by virtually everybody who has lived since.
Let’s vote for scientology and concentrate on the late Isaac Hayes’ version though. It appeared on the 2nd album he released in 1970 ‘To Be Continued…’ which featured very long drawn out compositions typical of his syle at the time. This tune has been sampled by a few people like Jay Z and the Lost Boys but the sample you’re looking out for is around 9 Minutes in!

Isaac Hayes – The Look Of Love

Produced by Evil Dee, one half of NYC’s Da Beatminerz this is probably my favourite track from this heavyweight debut LP ‘Dah Shinin’ from Tek an Steele aka Smif n Wessun aka Cocoa Brovaz. Dropping to high praise from critics and heads on the street back in 1995, this is a little slice of hiphop being done to perfection. The wistful horns perfectly compliment the theme and delivery Tek and Steele lay down creating a brooding but not quite moody sorta atmosphere. The rest of the LP is laced with pure hip hop badness as well with such tracks as ‘Bucktown’, ‘Wontime’ and ‘Sound Bwoy Buriel’ if you haven’t already, go Check It Out:

Smif n Wessun – Stand Strong