Sampled By Who?? Mysterious Flying Orchestra vs Roni Size

Part Two Brings us another little gem from the Vaults. Recorded in 1977 by the Mysterious Flying Orchestra, who were almost a super group of jazz musicians under the direction of Bob Thiele, this track has been sampled a few times, but the original is a fantastic piece of music in it’s own right:

Mysterious Flying Orchestra – Shadows

EDIT: Massive props to my man Ello Rollo who found the version of Shadows that was sampled. It’s from the Expansions LP of 1974 by a certain Lonnie Liston Smith, who was also a member of the Mysterious flying Orchestra. This version preceded theirs by approximately 3 years and I’m pretty sure this is the one Roni lifted his sample from. what do you think?
Lonnie Liston Smith – Shadows

Then almost 17 years later on two young producers from Bristol by the name of Roni Size & DJ Die came across the track, lifted the sample and melded it into a Drum n Bass masterpiece: It’s a Jazz Thing on V Recordings.

Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s a Jazz Thing

Roll forward another 9 years to 2003 and DJ Premier, probably the guy I respect most as far as diggin’ for samples and then using them imaginatively cuts it about a bit and uses it for the Skillz tune on Gang Starr’s The Ownerz LP.
This is another big cut, which I still play out regularily!

Gang Starr – Skillz