Sampled By Who?? Ronnie Foster vs. A Tribe Called Quest

Hello again, right straight into this one. Lifted from Ronnie Foster’s début LP ‘The Two Headed Freap’ released on Blue Note Records this track is an absolute gem. The perfect soundtrack for a lazy Saturday afternoon chilling in the sun, its no wonder that Q Tip lifted the sample… Ronnie Foster was on the organ for this cut and the entire LP was recorded over the space of 2 days back in ’72.

Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew

Then came Q Tip, ripping the beat (a 3 bar loop) and layering over the smooth sounds of Mystic Brew to create this laidback 90’s Hip Hop classic. Released as the second single from their highly acclaimed ‘Midnight Marauders’ LP in ’93 this is a monster groove, always guaranteed to get your head nodding.

A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

So there’s not allot else you can do with that after hearing the Tribe Called Quest version. Mykestro released a version a couple of years ago, but the beat and feel of the piece is practically identical to Electric Relaxation, and Marco Polo, one of the emerging hip hop producers of the last couple of years, also used the sample on this tune, called Relax (in a blatant nod to ATCQ) which was the Bonus track on his debut LP ‘Port Authority’ featuring J. Davey on the vocals. Check out that album if you get the chance he’s got some good guests on there like Large Pro, OC, Masta Ace, Buckshot & Kardinal Offishal and all the tunes are pretty dope. Werd.

Marco Polo ft. J. Davey – Relax