That time Vapour acted like a prick… is now back open.
It’s been nearly a week since we were taken down by a fool who thought he could hide his shady past, who thought he could control what you could and couldn’t do in the oldskool world, be it a youtube channel or a forum. He did this not for the love of oldskool but for his own financial gains. This was wrong on many levels and is not what the oldskool scene was all about.
He thought he could get away with it, I’m sure he laughed when he saw how easy he thought it was to try and control, manipulate and scare people into doing what he wanted. But thanks to the hard work and dedication of lots of groups on facebook and forums, individuals with a passion for the scene, and a little bit of detective work, the last laugh is on us.
The next time you want to try something like this you silly little man, try actually talking to people, working with people, rather than going in with a self motivated belief that you own and have the right to manipulate and control.
The best thing all round is for you to say sorry, be a man and step up.
Thanks to all those people who never gave up the fight.”

Once a prick always a prick it would seem. Lol