The Liberal Democrats

Sorry to keep banging on about it but the date for the Election has now been set for 6th May 2010.

We have three real choices:

Labour for more of the same abuse we have been suffering for the last 13 years.

Conservative for some new and slightly different flavours of abuse.
Liberal Democrats who vow to clean up politics, and change Britian for the good.

In my humble opinion Labour have sold this country down the road since 1997. They have consistenly promised the earth, and then failed to deliver on every stage.
For Instance in 1999 Labour approved the spending of £170 Million pounds on new CCTV schemes,  a study which was done in  2004 by analysts MDB estimated that the spend on CCTV installation and maintenance in the previous decade (1994 – 2004) at approximately £4-5 Billion not taking the 24 monitering of the images into account. Now this isn’t so bad if they actually improved conviction rates and made the area safer for residents.  However it pretty apparant from personal experience and a wealth of evidence that its not the case.
I have freinds who have been beaten up by bouncers outside Liquid nightclub after a night on the tiles, however when they have requested the CCTV footage – a perfectly legitimate request as you are entitled to a copy of anything your image is on, they have fobbed them off with excuses, ah the camera’s weren’t pointing that way or that incident wasn’t recorded. All bullshit.
Basically goes to prove that once again the Labour government wasted a FUCKING truckload of our hard earned monies on a useless fucking system. We are the most watched country in the World by quite a margin, all down to Labour’s ridiculous social policies.
With regard to crime prevention, when you allow for the fact that crimes have been categorized differently over the last 13 years to fiddle the statistics, It appears that in real terms the most violent crime has increased by 44%. What the fuck? So they spend BILLIONS on this CCTV system and the figures go up. Well it’s pretty fucking obvious the 1984 state isn’t going to work. Next question: How Many Ministers have ‘interests’ in the CCTV providing and maintenance companies??
Also think ID Cards, Digital Economy Bill (no more free WIFI) and its pretty obvious Labour don’t want to court the people, they want to suck fuckin global corporation dick and they are happy to sell our liberty to get their lips round it.

As Nick Clegg said:
“You’ve failed. It’s over. It’s time to go.”
Check him out…