B Boy Sounds – Radio Breaks Worldwide Vol 8

Yep thats right B Boy Sounds have upped the next mix in the Radio Breaks series. Check out their website: http://bboysounds.com for some of their own compositions, however none of those are as good as the little mixes they upload.

So yeah here’s the latest, hosted by DJ Chief and Sway Beats recorded at the BreakRoom in Juno Beach, Florida.

I just downloaded it an haven’t had a listen yet, so I hope its all good.

The last one I got from these guys was nice, anyway here’s the link to the podcasts

Peep the tracklist:

1. Shaft in Africa (Johnny Pate)


2. Evil Ways (Santana)

3. Lusty Lady (Johnny Bristol)

4. TLC (Bernard Calvin)

5. Something In (Louis Guitar)

6. Raggabreak (WakenBreak)

7. Jesus Is Just Alright With Me (Doobie Brothers)

8. Disco Function (Rare Function)

9. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Pleasure Beach)

10. Feedback Brother (Peter Herbolzheimer)

11. Funky Horns (Nelson Calloway)

12. Afro Funk (Funkees)

13. Lookin (Beard Club for Men)

14. Keep On (Sharon Jackson & Soul Destroyers)

15. Grease Wheels (Smokin Shades of Black)

16. Firebird (Capri)

17. Since You Went Away (Babe Ruth)

18. 2000 ‘N AA (Madcon)


19. In the Club (Redub) (Katerpillar)

An finally here’s the Download Link