Friday 27th February in the Canal Bar!

For those of you in town on Friday night this week…

For the final time until at least summertime i’m going to dig out a bunch of that 80’s classic shit and smash it up down at the Canal Bar (not the final time i’m gonna play down there, just the last time i’m playing any 80’s sets anywhere, for a while anyway) . I got three hours to fill though so will probably be beginning with a bit of funk an soul – a although I missed out on the Lee Dorsey tune I was hoping to get on eBay over the weekend cos I didn’t check my computer. Anyway I did get a bunch of other stuff so it’s all good, ya know how it goes.

Right then, to sum up: Friday Night. Canal Bar. Devastatin Gordy the Turntable Slave.


props to kerrse for the original photochop