Jay Z & Santagold – Brooklyn Go Hard

Hmmm So I know this is probably the last place you expected to see bumping Jay Z tracks, and you’re right. He’s so big he doesn’t need people raving about his output, if he wants to be number one then I’m sure he can afford to buy as many singles as he needs to get there. However I actually quite like this tune, it seems like he’s got over his minor ‘rock star’ phase where he was spotted dropping verses on Coldplay tracks an chatting cobblers about Noel Gallagher (frankly who gives a rats arse?) whilst considering taking guitar lessons, maybe he has realized the average Oasis or Coldpay fan is closed minded enough to hate him even though he’s now collaborating with them. Who knows? Anyway less of the random rambling and back to the point. This is produced by Kanye West, and yeezy has hit the nail right on he head. Looping up the ‘Brooklyn We Go Hard’ sample from Shove It by Santagold he lets the break do all the work, and whilst Jay Z chats, he’s bringing elements of the hook in and out all the way through the tune… It’s Nice, I’m gonna play it tonight!

So for your listening pleasure here’s

Jay Z featuring Santagold – Brooklyn Go Hard

And the original Santagold track:
Santagold – Shove It