Man Bags (you’re just gutted it’s more stylish than yours…)

So my lovely older Sister got me a Freitag bag for Christmas this year!

These are really good, they are handmade from Truck Tarps, Seatbelts and Old inner Tubes, so they are really eco-freindly i suspect. Made by Swiss company called Freitag they have been around for about 15 years now, click here for a quick guide on how they are made.

And just for the record Man Bags are useful for many things. It seems some young ladies thought the idea of men with bags to be quite funny when it popped up in converstaion in the pub last night. This is no laughing matter at all, Man bags provide real men with some serious benefits. For instance it opens the possibilities of taking your lunch to work or carrying records about. Even transporting important tools between jobs and keeping your MP3 player safe, so its no joke. Right then!