Nando’s – well offshore mate

All you need is a bunch of subsidiary companies in tax havens and a family trust and you too could halve the taxable profit your business generates! Whilst it’s ‘legal’ to embark on a project like this the rules were not designed to allow companies to create a corporate structure specifically to save 50% on their UK tax bill, which is what it looks like they have done from here.

It’s a bit unfair not to mention some of the other supreme tax avoiders of our time, such as Vodafone, Thames Water, Barclays, Amazon, Google, Starbucks & Gary Barlow. It’s all mostly legal schemes and structures they use to save their tax money, but it should also be obvious to the taxman that the only reason they are using these convoluted schemes is to siphon a few quid off the profits.

I may not be as thoroughly educated as the Rt Hon Members who make these decisions but I think it is pretty obvious we have a massive problem with the system here, I wonder how long before something gets done about it?