New Onyx & Ice Cube LPs due in 2014

This is pretty odd, I assumed Cube had given up on Hip Hop but he’s got an album, ‘Eveythangs Corrupt’ out in March this year, this is the lead single:

All very nice 90s fare, then gets a bit more militant at the switch on 1m 40s when they strip out the big break and start looping that violin. Dunno know whether I like it or not.
‘Y’all can’t wrestle with a giant squid?’ indeed, Mr Cube.

An earlier in the week someone mentioned that ONYX were releasing new material. I had a little look and they are doing exactly that. Looks like those German dudes The Snowgoons have done all the production on it, and it does sound quite onyxesque in that gloomy fashion. Still I got bored about halfway through the video, have a look for yourselves.