R.A. The Rugged Man live in The Croft, Bristol – 24th February 2010

Last night I got a lift with Ed, Grant, Brady and Trenty to The Croft up in Bristol to see R.A. The Rugged Man doin an little live show. I hadn’t been down The Croft before but it turned out to be a intimate little venue that served Doom Bar on the pump, so predictably I was loving it before the music even started.

The support acts weren’t too bad, UK boys doin there little thing, think Trenty was diggin that Blacksmith
character but I didn’t think much of any of them really. They all showed good energy but had simliar straightforward flows and standard boom bap beats and nothing made em stand out to me.

Then the Rugged Man took to the stage. Unfortunately he didn’t have a DJ to back him up so was reduced to playing instrumentals and sometimes the tune itself off his laptop (plugged into the system obviously!). He knew the score though and was quick to skip to the next beat whilst abusing the girls in the audience or trying to incite a riot (see the 2nd video lol). Despite not having the necessary dj support he smashed it hard, and the crowd chimed in pretty much word for word which was crazy, so it ended up being a pretty wicked night all round. If you ever get the chance you should check this dude out, you will not be dissapointed!