Sampled By Who?? Ike Turner vs Jurassic 5

Ike Turner was a player in the music industry for many years before releasing his first proper solo LP ‘A Black Man’s Soul’ (backed up by his long time band The Kings Of Rhythm), working his way up from humble beginnings aged just 8 years old. This was released back in 1969 as an all instrumental project and was squeezed in between the stuff he and Tina were doing at the time, but it’s still chunked out with classy funk cuts. Getting Nasty is probably the pick of these, according to sample count anyway, and you will recognize it straight away – a piano groove led slice of raw funk! The pressing sounds a bit curious apparantly cos it was ‘electronically reprocessed for stereo using the original monographic recordings.’, but also it’s the last track on side A so those levels are getting crunched anyway.

Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm – Getting Nasty

Can you tell where Jurassic 5 might have used that? Yep the Californian group’s DJ /Production duo, Cut Chemist and DJ Soundlab chopped and looped it to fine effect creating this monster late nineties hip hop classic.

Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard

An Main Source also nicked a bit of it, honest, I’m not just posting wicked main source tracks up on here for no reason again! This one does actually sample Getting Nasty. Right at the start, listen:

Main Source – Snake Eyes