Some Banging New Tunes for Ya!

It’s been a while since I’ve come across some dope new hip hop, but in the last few weeks there have been some serious tunes dropping.

First up let’s see what Preemo has been up to recently, this is from the new Blaq Poet LP – The Blaqprint, and it’s a banger, straight in your face I think Westwood might say. Anyway it’s fucking bad – bow down to Premier’s beats as he’s still the undisputed king!

Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction

Next up is this Mos Def tune i’ve been playing on loop since i got it yesterday. The beats is dangerous and I can’t stop listening to it. Also features Slick Rick which is a good look. As I only came across this yesterday I got no idea when its coming out or on what at the moment… Comment if you know….
Mos Def ft. Slick Rick – Auditorium

Now if you haven’t heard of DJ JS-1 out the Rocksteady crew then go google that name and find some of his mixtapes. This guy is ridiculous on the ones and twos and has laid down some serious sets which are well worth checking out. This is taken from his new LP ‘No Sell Out’, he produced all the tracks and has a plethora of heavyweight mc’s dropping bars for him. This cut features NY legends OC out of Diggin In The Crates and Pharoahe Monche. Heavy.
DJ JS-1 ft. O.C. & Pharoahe Monche – Ridiculous

And finally here’s another producer who I been diggin for a couple of years now. I first caught wind of him when he dropped his Port Authority LP back in 2007, which had some dope assed tunes up on it. He’s been working with an mc called Torae who I don’t know much about, maybe he’s Canadian like Mr Polo. Anyway check them out, they do good tings yah. This cut also features L’il Fame outta M.O.P. representing Brownsville and that guy with the ridiculouly deep voice is our man Rock who you may remember from the Boot Camp Clik an Heltah Skeltah.
Marco Polo & Torae ft. Rock & L’il Fame – Smoke