The Banksy Years

The sleeve reads:

“The difference between analog recordings (vinyl) and digital (CD’s MP3’s) is similiar to that of incandescent light bulbs and florescent ones. The former emits something natural and organic that resonates deeply with our inner psyche, the latter, while offering a techincally superior performance, retains a thin veneer of the artificial that fails to fully penetrate our senses, therefore making us unable to form as strong an emotional bond.
What pleasure is there to be had in clicking a virtual button with a mouse? Very little, really. Whereas the slightly precarious operation of placing a record on a platter and dropping the needle seems like a surgical procedure of a kind that most modern automation has tried to completely erase.
There’s a wonderful sense of anticipation when you hear that nervous crackle of needle on fresh groove during the brief moment before the music kicks in.”
It’s fucking brilliant……!!!!!
Let it live long”
0442 out of 1000