Some Wickedness for your Wednesday

Here’s some new bits worth a listen:

Firstly Big Boi featuring his cheif sparring partner Andre 3000 and Chef Raekwon from the Wu it’s apparantly going to be the first single from the off Big Boi’s new album Sir Lucious Left Foot.

Big Boi ft. Raekwon & Andre 3000 – Royal Flush

And next up this is some more classic Premier beatwork. I’ve never heard of these guys before but apparently they have had a couple of albums out: ‘Heavens Mentality’ and ‘The Cross Movement’. Check for more info. Anyway forget those and check this out.

House of Reps – U Gotta Love Us (prod. DJ Premier)

And finally here’s something a bit classic from Kurious Jorge. Originally released in 1993 this is probably the tune he’s best remembered for although the entire Konstipated Monkey album was absolutely wicked (it got re-issued on Amalgam Digital last year, so go and buy it now!) with tracks like ‘I’m Kurious’ and ‘Uptown Shit’. He’s still in the game these days as a member of the Monsta Island Czars and there are rumours of a new album in the pipeline featuring Doom on the boards although i’ve not heard anything to confirm this myself…. Enjoy

Kurious – Walk Like A Duck