What is the RZA on about?

Wu Tang Clan’s RZA posted the message below on his facebook page today, Tuesday 22nd April 2014.rza1

Peace today is marked As Earth Day. The planet earth is The home life. She is symbolic to the woman. She is a planet that is not only a plane of intelligence and awareness but it’s universally made to be a physical home of plants. Here we can plant it (planet) and plan it. It is covered under water 3/4 of its surface and therefore atomically it has enough water molecules and atoms to supply the known universe. Today is the 22 which is V for victory it is physical and mental wisdom. Thus bringing a victorious culture. The earth weighs six sextillion tons that’s 22 digits showing in math she is mathematically correct and will be victorious in her survival of what we scientist are calling mans abuse. Happy Earth Day…

Does anyone else think that sounds a little bit like the ramblings of a madman? Universally made to be the home of plants?!? What because it’s a planet?? Mercury is a planet too, although without plants, WTF??

Enough water to supply the universe? Again WTF is he on about?

Don’t get me wrong I love RZA and his slightly odd take on things and have nothing but respect for the guy, I’m also pleased he’s taking the time out to grow awareness for Earth Day and highlights ‘mans abuse’ of the planet, but I’m not altogether convinced of the validity of his argument in this case.